Here are excerpts from a great article from Design Aglow talking about why prints matter.  Perfect timing, as my external hard drive just crashed.  For the 3rd time in the span of my business.  Ugh.  Read on to take another look at why you need to get those digital files off your computer!!

Why Prints Matter : Seattle Newborn and Family Photographer


  • A framed image tells your unique story — you’ll be reminded of the special day captured in that photo every day, not just on important days like an anniversary.
  • Prints make the absolute best-personalized gifts, so much more special than a generic store-bought item!
  • There’s something so incredible about custom art hanging in your home that feels 100 times more meaningful than images on the computer — really, your wall at home is so much more important than your Facebook walls.
  • I can help turn your house into a home! Framed prints are the easiest (and cheapest!) way to decorate with an ultra-personalized touch.  (Read my post Walls, Walls Everywhere that my designer friend Julie wrote.)
  • On that note, there are so many creative ways to decorate with prints: fine art canvases, wall galleries of framed prints, desk frames for the office, one huge image custom framed for a statement piece in the foyer, above the mantle, etc.
  • You may have spent more money than you probably care to remember on your dress, the family’s outfits, hair cuts and shoes.  We all know memories are more valuable than materials — why not capture it with something that is forever: framed photos on the wall.

You think you want the digital images

Everything Design Aglow said is so true.  How many of you have had a photo session before and KNEW you wanted the digital images.  And KNEW you were going to make an album or start a wall collage, and use some for framed prints as Christmas gifts.  My question to you is, did you make that happen?  I’ve been in business for 8 years now and when I ask past families this question, the answer is usually a resounding “No!  I’ve been meaning to get to it but life just got in the way.  And then I started and got overwhelmed with what to do and all the choices……”  We all *think* we want the digital files and we all have the best of intentions of doing something with them, but I think most people end up not doing anything.

And here’s another kicker for you to ponder.  Did you know that digital files are time-sensitive?  Digital files can become corrupted and not open, your computer hard drive could crash (read above), or the format could no longer be readable.  So much can happen.  You don’t want your photos to die a slow death on your computer OR on Facebook do you?  Wasn’t the reason you invested in photography in the first place to get artistic real-life photos of your family at this moment in time and then enjoy them?  So let’s figure out a way for you to do that!

There are so many awesome ways you can enjoy printed photos (and I have many high-quality moden and sleek designs in my store for you)!  

Photo Calendars

How cute and fun are these?  Easily see and enjoy one photo per month with these amazing press-printed clean and modern calendars.  

new product photo calendar

Custom Lay-Flat Photo Album

Choose from a variety of layouts and see the previews in your online store, or let me do the design work for you!  These gorgeous 10×10 press-printed lay-flat albums allow you to look through and enjoy your family images with your kids for years to come.  There is also an option to purchase a second smaller album with the same layout for grandparents and siblings.

updated photo album : products


I have much, much more available in the shop, including Instant Wall Art, a turn-key wall gallery that comes ready to hang; fine art prints, framed prints, and cards.  Feel free to get in touch with me if you’d like to learn more!





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