Why Moms Should be in Front of the Camera

I fully understand the thought of booking a photo session, getting ready, and being in front of the camera can be time consuming and stressful. I get it. I’ve been in front of the camera before and have felt ALLLL those things! But, there’s a but but here, give me a couple minutes to gently persuade you why it’s so important for moms to get in front of the camera.

mom and her family getting photographed in a field on a summer day

You are a HUGE part of your family but are never in the photos

As the one usually taking the photos, even with my iPhone, I can tell you I am never in them myself. In this stage of your life right now I can say with certainty that you are an integral part of helping this family not only survive, but thrive. We need to document that and CELEBRATE that! We need to celebrate all that you do, and how important you are to your partner and kids.

Don’t wait for the perfect time

You may not feel like getting in front of the camera. You may feel like you wish you were about 10 pounds lighter. You may feel like you should have gotten your kids in for a haircut real quick, and done one last shopping trip for the perfect shirt, but you know what? These images aren’t about being perfect. Families aren’t perfect. Nobody is perfect. So why are we wasting time and energy chasing perfection in an image? Instead of waiting a year, and then another year, and waking up realizing 5 years have passed, realize that documenting where your family is at right now in this moment in time is what it’s all about, imperfections and all!

These photos are future heirlooms

You may not like how you look in photos now or at any point in your life, but you know who doesn’t see all the things you see? Your family. Your partner and kids see that you were there with them. They see that you loved them and had fun with them that summer day at the park. And they feel the love and connection oozing off the image. And down the road I bet you will see that too. And then these images become heirlooms for your immediate family and your extended family for years to come.

I hope this resonated with you. I have not once regretting getting our own family photos taken and cherish each and every image. I promise you will look back at all of them fondly and be so happy you were in the photos!





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