This is Ida aka #princesshorsedog, our Belgian Malinois mutt when she was a puppy. I documented her with my kids once-a-month for her entire first year and watched those cute ears and muzzle grow up and out. It was called the One Roll Once a Month film project and you can find it here.

Since then, whenever I learn a family I am photographing has a pet, I always encourage them to include said pet in part of the session. Why do I do this? Well, as any pet lover would know, they are simply part of the family. So why shouldn’t they be in the family or newborn photo session?

It may be harder to photograph you and your family or newborn with the added unpredictable variable of a fur-baby in the frame, but it’s worth the extra effort in my mind. For instance, your companion is adjusting to the new family dynamic of a little newborn in your home too, right?

Dogs, cats, hamsters, rats, guinea pigs, goats, and yes, even large stuffed giraffes are such a comfort and joy to have around (although on their terms – looking at you, cat-lovers!).

I have some posts about how to prepare your animal for a family or newborn session, but if you’re interested in reading more specifics of how to do this, reach out to me.

Because they’re only little once!



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