It’s a great question and one that I get asked a lot! Having photographed many expectant mamas (and also been photographed when I was pregnant), I have a pretty good idea of what timeline will work best for you!

Although everyone is different and feels different towards the end of their pregnancy, getting photos done about 4-6 weeks before your due date works well. We want you to feel comfortable moving around into different positions, whether we are at your home or outside for the session. We also want your beautiful belly, the star of the show, to photograph well.

What do I mean by photographing well? I mean we want your baby bump to be rounded out and defined as it looks towards the end of your term. When we take a photo of your pregnant belly, it turns into a flat 2-D image. Sometimes this makes your sweet bambino belly look smaller than it actually is, believe it or not!

Choosing what to wear for your session also helps define your belly for your maternity session.

Wearing something that gives your midsection a bit of definition helps, like a stretchy dress or sweater. If your style is more romantic, you can find gorgeous long and flowy dresses with an empire waist that help define your baby bump too. Last, posing hands and body helps define your baby bump.

So if you are feeling well, plan on scheduling your maternity session 4-6 weeks ahead of your due date.

That means you should find your photographer at least2-3 months before that, as many photographers get booked out. There is a little prep work involved for you and your photographer, so it’s less stressful to find and book someone you love early, then work with them through the prep and any adjustments in scheduling that need to happen!

I hope this helps! I’m an open book so please let me know if you have any questions about maternity sessions, what to wear, or even Baby’s First Year plans by contacting me!





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