What to wear

What are the best clothing choices for my kids and family?

First of all, be true to your style.  If you are not comfortable in the type of clothing you are wearing you will not be comfortable during your session and it will show in your photos.  If you gravitate towards a formal, tailored style, then go for that.  If you like a casual look, then go for that.  If you don’t like high heels, then don your fun riding boots, ballet flats or favorite pair of Chuck Taylor’s.  There are ways to stylize any type of outfit.


Siblings and families photograph well in complimentary clothing, but it certainly doesn’t have to match.  To choose coordinated outfits easily, figure out Mom and daughter’s clothes first since clothing stores tend to offer more color and style choices for females.  Then pick out Dad and son’s outfits in coordinating colors and subdued patterns.  Layers are best.  Layering adds interest to the photograph and allows us to change the look very easily. Textured materials like jeans, knit scarves and hats photograph well.  Feel free to look at my inspiration board on Pinterest. Wardrobe choices to avoid:  solid black shirts (unless they are layered under a jacket or sweater), writing or logos on shirts, and too many bold patterns (mix one bold pattern with solid colors on the other family members).  Do not plan on several outfit changes – the kids don’t like it and it disrupts the flow of the session.  Stick to one outfit and add layers to change the look.  Be careful of trends.  If you mix a few trendy pieces with more classic pieces, your photograph won’t become dated as quickly.  Last, if you or your family needs haircuts, plan them about two weeks ahead of time :).


I’m not a huge prop type of gal, but I do love a few.  Especially if they are meaningful to your session and add to the photo versus distract from it.  I encourage you to think about including favorite toys, sentimental items like quilts or hand-me-down chairs and stools, and fun hats or other accessories for your session.  It not only personalizes the session further, but it may relax your child a bit more by having loved items with him/her that they can also use in a fun way.

In-home Newborn:  

Newborns and babies photograph best in their birthday suits, whether you prefer the image is printed in color or black and white.  Simple white or cream vintage dresses, bloomers, and even white onesies photograph well.  Parents should wear a solid color white (or cream) tank top, shirt, or fun vintage dress or outfits that they feel comfortable and beautiful in, that compliment their home furnishings.  Small patterns are okay.  Consider clothing that will compliment what your little one is wearing, since I love to capture cuddles with your new little one.  AND, if you can’t decide, please give me a call to discuss or we can decide together once I arrive!

Most importantly, wear what you love!

why you should wear what you love

If you would like additional inspiration, please check out my Pinterest board.  I try to post updates every season!  Please call or email me and I can help give input to your wardrobe choices prior to your session.