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Use Bounced Flash with Film : One Light Many Looks (part 7)

It’s been a while and I’m super behind posting these pullback examples of how I use bounced flash in my work.  So for this session, I used bounced flash the entire time.  This was in November – in Seattle.  There is video footage of me taking an ambient meter reading and the meter – I kid you not – read 1s at 2.0!  It was dark!

I shot this entire session with one bounced flash.  We changed rooms and shooting spaces 5 times!  I LOVE that my Lumopro flash is so incredibly portable so I can shoot in any space I want.  And get enough light to shoot Fuji 400h (rated at 400) with a family of five (and two cats) and get beautiful exposures with minimal blur.

The purpose of these posts is to also show you that flash photography can look natural.  Also, flash does not limit me in my shooting style AT ALL.  When my flash is off-camera, I can move anywhere I please (except right in front of it) and shoot at any angle I want.  How cool is that!  You can check out more examples of more one light many looks pullbacks here!!

Now on to the example below:

Gear:  Contax 645, Canon EOS-3, Fuji 400h rated at 400, Lumopro flashRPL

one light many looks using bounced flash with film

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Kim Hildebrand