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Tween Photographer Seattle : Crichton

As my kids get older, I find some of my client base is getting older with them.  I photographed a lot of tweens and their families during my fall mini sessions.  Tweens can be tough, but fun.  They make you work for it.  A tickle won’t just give you a genuine smile with this group, and neither will a fart noise.  Believe me.  Those are my normal go-tos and I realized this year more than ever that I need to get some new material!  But I LOVE tweens.  They’re in that awkward stage where they look like your little daughter one minute, then all of a sudden you can see them as seniors in high school!  They’re opinionated and have ideas and strong feelings about everything (and will remind you every minute).  And I love them for that.  I love that they’re confident and have boundless energy and will jump right into anything without thinking much about it (including a photo shoot).  They love to have fun but don’t want to let go too much for fear that someone will see them (or you) and get embarrassed.  I have much more to say about photographing tweens but I’ll leave that to another blog post.  Here though, is a really fun session that shows that 20-minutes can be just right for your tweens and the whole family :).  And I had to share because I love these guys to death!!

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