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I am giddy to tell you about a new feature I’ve added for you just in time for the Fall – TinyPrints Storefront!

I have partnered with Tiny Prints this year to help with the ordering and printing of your Holiday cards. Tiny Prints is a leading retailer of premium personalized holiday photo cards and has been recognized for their high quality prints and unmatched customer service. Each card ordered is also hand reviewed before it’s printed to ensure quality and accuracy. I ordered TinyPrints cards for both my baby announcements and have been thrilled with them!  They use heavy stock premium paper, have a fantastic wide-variety of designs, and excellent customer service!

Here is an example of one of hundreds of designs you can choose from:

To start your order through Tiny Prints, please click on the link below which will lead you to our co-branded Tiny Prints Storefront. From here, you can shop for any product on the Tiny Prints site or review a few of my favorite choices.

http://www.tinyprints.com/storefront/kimhildebrand or you can access my storefront by clicking on the left tab – Client Cafe’ – and click on the storefront banner.

If you haven’t already purchased your images, you can still use Tiny Prints!  This holiday season, I am using Tiny Prints photo escrow system to help manage your images. This system is a way for me to release the images directly to your Tiny Prints account to order a card for a special licensing fee of $50 if you haven’t already purchased your images. It will also include a small attribution for my studio on the back of the card, which is part of this reduced licensing fee. You will not have access to the original image file as part of this system, but will be able to use it on the card of your choice.

When you are ready to order, please let me know and I will upload your chosen photo(s) into the Tiny Prints Escrow system. We will then send you a unique code for each image, which you can use in the card creation process in the “add a photo” stage to retrieve that image into your personal Tiny Prints account. Once you have retrieved the image, you can use it on any card for up to 30 days. Your card will be printed with the high resolution version of the photo, but you will not access to that file.

If you have already purchased your images, you can still visit my co-branded Tiny Prints Storefront page. From here, you can shop for any product on the Tiny Prints site or review a few of my favorite choices and then use the photography that you have purchased from me.


* Studio Attribution – Clicking on our co-branded Tiny Prints Storefront also ensures that I receive credit for referring a customer to Tiny Prints. This includes my studio name on the back of the cards that you order with a small text based attribution. If you have a concern with my studio name being printed on the back of your cards, you have the option of removing it in the card preview section. The text-based attribution is small, fits in well with the design on the back of the card and is movable.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this new feature for you!  If you like it, please click like here or on my storefront, or share with family and friends.




Oh super cute, stunning actually 🙂

Thank you Christy!

Wonderful image, I love the typeface too 🙂



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