Stop Making Excuses – 5 Reasons to get Your Family Photos Taken

It’s something we all put off….maybe because it is stressful, there’s not enough time in the day (or week, or month), you feel like you don’t have any cute outfits to wear, you hate getting your photo taken, or everything combined.  I GET IT, and I do this for a living!  But let me tell you how important it is below:

collage of outdoor family photos in a summer field

1. Your kids will be grown up before you know it

Remember photos also become family heirlooms. Your kids may not think much of them now, but they will cherish them as they get older. Professional photographs document in a beautiful way how your family is right now. It becomes a time-stamp of your life that you, your family, and friends will love even more than you know.

2. If not now, when? Life is precious

You will be able to print these photos out and put them up on your walls for your whole family to enjoy every. single. day. Every time I walk past my photo gallery, or even my fridge door full of photos, they make me pause and smile. It is so worth a smile a day starting tomorrow vs. when you put it off until next year, or the year after…..

3. Waiting for that perfect time? There never is one

Waiting to lose that extra 10 pounds, for a nice summer tan, or for Johnny to get his braces off? Yes, I get it. I’ve definitely been there too, but when your kids look back on these photos they don’t see what you see. They see a loving family, happiness, and remember the bonds you have and what a fun day that was. Like I said before, photos are just tiny snippets of your journey as a family. What they see through it all is your love and support.

4. Put your phone away. Hiring a professional to get high quality photos

Relying on your mobile device too much for all your updated photos? Well, they’ve definitely come a long way but still can’t compare with a professional photography experience. Not only are the cameras better equipped to handle different types of light, bokeh, and depth-of-field, but the expertise of your photographer hands down will provide such high-quality work (and the whole experience should be super fun and relaxing if your photographer knows what they’re doing!) So why stress yourself out further by also trying to be the photographer? Let the professional handle it and just go love on your family.

5. Last but most important – YOU get to be in the photos!

This kind of ties in with number four, but it’s so important. If your Mother figure is super important in your family, then your role needs to be shown in the photos. So sit back, relax, and soak the whole experience in and enjoy doing what you do every single day since you’ve had kids. Being their mother.

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