Seattle Newborn Photographer : Ben

Little Ben was born 7 weeks early so he had to spend a little time in the hospital.  I got to photograph him within their first week home, and it happened to be one day before his original due date!  He was still such a little peanut.

Mom and Dad were so happy to have him home, and did not skimp on the caresses and smiles when looking at him.  I think their furry friends were happy to have the family back home too.  The family was also thankful that Dad could spend the rest of the summer with them while he is on paternity leave with Microsoft.  What a wonderful benefit!  Kudos to them for providing paternity leave when so many other companies don’t.

I remember when I had my first child, and how alone I felt at home those first few months.  Tim got to stay home with me for a week but then had to get back to work, and he travels for work.  I remember living in the small 2-3 hour cycle of feeding, diaper changing, sleeping duties over and over again, feeling lonely and overwhelmed, feeling like I was going a little crazy.  While all of it was such a special time too, it would have been that much better if Tim was able to endure and enjoy those early times with us.  But enough about my experience.

The Allen family had a LOVELY home for our Seattle newborn photography session.  Most homes in Seattle are so small with little light, but theirs, while old, had so much character, that my mouth dropped to the floor when I entered.  I took advantage of their lovely furnishings and beautiful light when photographing their session.  I love a session to showcase these things while also not taking away from the intimacy of a newborn session.  We enjoyed our stress-free time together.

Congratulations Ali and Alex!  Ben is a sweetheart!

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