What customers are saying:


We LOVE the pictures!! You are simply amazing.


Having never purchased professional photos, I was a bit unsure what to expect, but Kim has made me a believer! Our family has no shortage of photos in this camera-phone era, and even though we’ve been to Golden Gardens many many times, what Kim was able to capture with us in an hour there was exactly what I was trying to do in about 736 camera phone pictures (none of which are proudly hung on my wall).

The true story is that it was a hot sticky day, my 3 year was being a stinker, and my husband was less than thrilled about the whole experience. I was sure that we’d have a photo package of pictures of my husband and daughter, but with my face constantly blurry form whipping my ever-flattening-in-the-heat hair between the two of them, saying “isn’t this fun!” between gritted teeth. Kim managed in one short hour to turn a stinker toddler around to a giggly one, put an unsure husband at ease, and make me forget about my insecure camera smile and break into the real one. In the end, we all photographed our very most beautiful. Kim absolutely gets the credit for capturing that!

I was really amazed with the photos Kim took. She was able to capture that magic nanosecond that happens in a look between my husband and daughter that I thought only I ever saw. After the photo session, I let my daughter put on her Frozen dress (as a reward for the torture of having to wear something I picked out) and I didn’t even realize Kim was busy at work while we were packing up. A photo of my daughter being herself, with the real twinkle in her eye, might be my favorite. Kim saw that, even “off the clock,” after the session.

Kim has intuition for when the good stuff is happening, coupled with a mastery of real film photography, to bring the good stuff to life. I will absolutely work with her again! Faith

Sachin and I are absolutely THRILLED with the photos!!  You captured such special moments and expressions.  I feel like Adi’s personality came through in so many of the photos, which is exactly what every parent wants captured on film.  We can’t stop looking at the photos!  They are so precious.  Thank you so much for allowing us to have such precious memories of this time when Adi is a wee one.  Now comes our arduous task of choosing which ones we want to order.  This should be fun as I prefer the B&W while Sachin prefers color.  Wish us luck! Sabrina

The pictures taken by Kim Hildebrand of my infant daughter caught all of her many emotions and make observers feel like they know what she was thinking.  Kim manages to blend artfully taken photographs with traditional portraits that make the final product universally appealing.  All of our family are delighted with the pictures. Kristin

Kim is an incredibly talented artist. She expertly captures real moments. Our family was comfortable with her immediately — and she was able to wrangle two young boys with ease. The photos she shot are beautifully lit and captured our personalities perfectly. Hillary

I do not typically take the time to write reviews, but some things deserve the time when you feel that a great level of quality received is above and beyond expectations.

We commissioned Kim to do a family photoshoot, and for those who have children, you will know very well, doing photoshoots with children is a challenge in itself that requires patience and a fun-loving personality that can attract children to be themselves naturally.  Just imagine a child seeing a person with a big fancy DSLR camera with a giant lens pointing at them the entire time.   During the shoot she was extremely patient and calm while she worked wonderfully with our two boys (1 and 4), which was not the easiest task.  We had a fussy one-year old and a four-year old who was constantly on the move, but Kim expertly captured beautiful pictures of our family and children despite the chaos of our kids.   She made excellent use of the time and we never felt rushed at all during the shoot, which we truly appreciated.

Of course being in the Pacific Northwest, we naturally took the advantage to take our pictures in the beautiful outdoors and we thank Kim for going out of her way to come to a destination we chose.  We were even surprised to know she arrived quite early to scout the location to choose the best spots taking special notice of where the sun and clouds are to get the perfect lighting that captures us, while also showing off the beautiful landscape.  The place we had chosen had many wonderful views and Kim took the time to capture each area, while positioning us in the best poses to match the each distinct scenery.  And then there were those surprises pictures that she took of us where we were just walking and being natural not knowing pictures were being taken.  Those pictures came out amazing!  We honestly were worried that the lack of cooperation of our children would affect the pictures, but when we saw them, we were absolutely amazed at how she skillfully captured such beautiful moments which are exactly the memories we were hoping to have.

When we saw the finished product, it was so hard to choose from all the wonderful pictures, that we practically chose all the pictures.  For us, pictures are a lifetime memory, especially capturing those childhood moments of your children and to know you have a photographer that can take amazing pictures while being very patient is not something in which you often find.  There is no question that Kim is able to get those beautiful, memorable shots, but her personality and demeanor during the whole process adds to the pleasant experience of having your pictures taken, she has the special ability to connect very well with all the people in the photoshoot and in turn produce beautiful work. Joann

Kim photographed my daughter along with the kids of several friends.  She has a wonderful approach to helping the little ones – and their families – feel comfortable with her and the camera. She’s very talented and you won’t be disappointed. Robin