Evan is a Senior at Nathan Hale, getting ready to graduate and move to Wyoming to go to college.  His parents won a gift certificate I donated to Nathan Hale High School’s auction a while back.  I’m so glad they contacted me before Evan left.  We spent a couple hours at a beautiful location in Magnuson Park and told stories, laughed, and watched their beloved dog, Gear, fetch sticks and pose for a photograph.  Their daughter, Kaia, has trained Gear to be a show dog, and it was quite interesting learning what a correct pose for a dog should look like.  (The one below is NOT it, although it was one of my favorites!  You know I don’t like perfection!)  I hadn’t photographed high-school aged kids in quite a while and I really enjoyed it.  They told good jokes (way better thing to do than make fart jokes with this age), stood still and did what I asked – ha!  Above all, it was awesome to see this tight-knit family hang out and really enjoy each other’s company.  I hope my kids will still want to hang out with us when they are teenagers!


For Filmies:  Pentax 645n + Portra 800, Canon IV + HP5.