This was my first in-home newborn session since “the change“, and I was so lucky and honored to be able to reach out to my good friend Lindy, who recently had twin girls, and ask if I could come over and “experiment” on them.  Not only does Lindy have new twin baby girls, but she’s busy wrangling her two older boys, Henry and Owen, who are 8 and 6 respectively.  I showed up with all (I literally mean ALL) possible gear I thought I would need and then thought, “Why am I starting with a family of five, two of whom are tiny peanuts?”  and “What the hell did I get myself into?” followed by, “Okay, I got this.  I can do it.”

Lindy and Ryann live in a beautiful (but dark) home near us, nestled along the Thornton Creek Watershed.  They live in the sweet North Seattle suburbs, yet when you look out onto their deck, they may as well be in the country.  It’s seriously that gorgeous.  But all those beautiful trees made for a dark home, so I immediately set up my one strobe I have left from my huge studio sale last month, then I started shooting.  You’ll see it’s a different look than my previous newborn work, but it’s more intimate and personal, and it’s more about you.

I hope you like it.  Thank you so much, Lindy and Ryann, for allowing me to come into your home and document your new, beautiful, family of five.  Hugs & kisses.



For filmies:  Pentax 645n, Canon 1v, Fuji 400h, Hp5 + strobes or Canon 550ex flash.