Podcast Interview with Ali & Callie Artcast in CDA, Idaho

Having moved back to my small hometown of Coeur d’Alene, I was wondering what was up with the local art scene since leaving back in the 90s. I was so surprised to see how vibrant, thriving, and supportive our little community is. I attribute it to many supportive local organizations and individuals. Besides sharing my Podcast Interview with Ali & Callie Artcast in CDA, Idaho, I wanted to share with you some of the amazing organizations here in CDA that help foster our tight-knit artist community.

A fantastic non-profit that has done so much for our art community is our local Art & Culture Alliance. Their mission is to bring people together through the arts. They do such an amazing job planning and promoting local events, like the thriving monthly 2nd Friday Artwalk downtown. The Artwalk features several artists, events, and spaces on a rotating basis. The Alliance also runs the Riverstone Concert Series, Artist Studio Tours, and Music for the Wise.

We have other amazing non-profits like Emerge CDA that support local artists through their own events. A few of their signature events are the Ceramic Throwdown Showdown and Emerge Block Party. They also promote artists’ work in their store and provide an eclectic mix of classes and workshops.

But it keeps going. We have Art on the Green, the original art festival supporting artists, arts education, and community projects. It’s always the first weekend in August and draws artists from around the world. I remember going to this when I was a kid, and this year will be the 56th Art on the Green!! Reading all of this, you can imagine we have some pretty amazing supporters here who have extensive knowledge and background into the local art scene.

Podcast Interview with Ali & Callie Artcast in CDA, Idaho

I got the chance to chat with Ali Shute and Callie Cabe, local art experts with a long resume of serving the art community. They have a local Ali & Callie Artcast which is their podcast that interviews and supports local & regional artists. Ali was formerly the Executive Director of the Arts & Culture Alliance. Callie is an actress, singer, and artist who has her BFA in Musical Theater. The podcast is produced by my friend Kristin Kilmer. Kristin also lends her talents to Victory Media as production manager, producing local and regional commercials.

During the interview we chatted about my photography business, working with families and sweet little babies while documenting the real good stuff (not the fluffy, generic stuff), shooting with film, my upcoming studio events, and how I love teaching others. It was a packed show! They were such a blast to chat with and I can’t wait to see them at the next art walk! Give a listen here and let me know what you think!



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