Park City Utah Family Ski Trip

Hide family adventures, continued.  We made plans to get together with some great friends we met when we lived in Atlanta many years ago in Park City, Utah before Christmas.  I had been to Park City a couple times, most recently for the FIND workshop in 2014, and I was so excited to take the kids here.  This was our first destination ski trip that involved planning, packing, flights and rental cars and I’m happy to say all went smoothly.  We found a nice condo that was about a 10 minute walk from the ski hill, although we realized we could walk there on the very last day – ha!

Prior to our arrival, they hadn’t received much snow.  The week did not disappoint.  We got a good 2.5 feet the second night, followed by another 2 feet the third night – enough to give our friends a heart attack as they were trying to get out of the condo to head to the airport for their departure early the next morning.  Leave it to Tim to get their two-wheel drive sedan out in time!

Park City is truly a fun place to go with kids.  Outfitted with tons of runs based on skill level, at least three terrain parks, safe tree trails, loads of programs, restaurants, and shops, it’s hard to beat.  We spent one evening checking out Main Street and the cute restaurants and shops in town.  We were there for 4 nights and could have stayed longer.  Isaac skied his first powder run right before we left!

I spent an afternoon hiking around and taking photos while the family had some down time.  These were shot with Tri-x, Fuji 400h, and Portra 800 and the Pentax 645n.

park_city_UT_film_photos-002park_city_UT_film_photos-001park_city_UT_black_and_white_photos_3park_city_UT_film_photos-005park_city_UT_film_photos-008park_city_UT_black_and_white_photos_7park_city_UT_film_photos-015park_city_UT_black_and_white_photos_9park_city_UT_film_photos-017park_city_UT_film_photos-018park_city_UT_black_and_white_photos_2park_city_UT_film_photos-004zone_system_3park_city_UT_film_photos-016park_city_UT_black_and_white_photos_6park_city_UT_film_photos-013park_city_UT_black_and_white_photos_10park_city_UT_film_photos-014zone_system_2park_city_UT_film_photos-006park_city_UT_black_and_white_photos_1park_city_UT_film_photos-011park_city_UT_black_and_white_photos_8park_city_UT_film_photos-009park_city_UT_film_photos-010park_city_UT_black_and_white_photos_5park city utah skiing winter

For Filmies:  Pentax 645n, Fuji 400h, Portra 800 + Kodak Tri-x.


LOVE those B&W trees in the snow. Really beautiful! Makes me want to shoot film again :).

GAH!!! Your film work is so gorgeous! Looks like a wonderful time was had by all!



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