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One thing all motherhood photographers should do is make sure that their work captures the essence of motherhood itself. You want to look back at all the little moments that were all things that make up being a mother: chaos, laughter, play and, of course, love. 

When I go into any session, I keep all of that in mind. I want to make sure that our sessions make space for you and your littles to be yourselves! Rigid posing or forced smiles is not my style. I want to capture the pure beauty that your family exudes authentically, frame by frame. I love outdoor sessions because it allows for more freedom of movement, which is always a plus for young kiddos. There is nothing like photographing the moments of genuine laughter and playfulness. 

I talk often about how important it is that photography tells a story. In this case, it’s the story of your family. When you have your photos displayed in a gallery wall or are flipping through them in an album, I want you to be able to close your eyes and be transported back into that moment. That’s what my work is all about. Motherhood is among the most precious things on this earth; its beauty and grace is unlike anything else. I want to reflect what it looks like back to you! You’ll fall more in love the most important little ones in your life. 

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I would be honored to work with you as one of many motherhood photographers in Coeur d’Alene. Have any comments or questions about me or my work? Please reach out! I’d love to chat and help you with anything you may need. Head over to my Instagram for announcements. 



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