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Whether your'e a planner or reading this in a sleep-deprived, emotional state with your new baby

You're wondering how in the heck are you supposed to pick a newborn photographer?

The last time you've worked with one was at your wedding, amiright?!

Besides knowing that you really want to get gorgeous newborn photos of your new family, you’re worried about having your house in order, feeling ready to be in the photos, getting the nursery prepped, and much more. I hear you.

As a mom of two (who are now 18 and 16), I remember those first months like they were yesterday.  I was a new mama who sobbed as my Mom was leaving and begged her to stay one more week to help with my then 2-year-old.  I couldn’t bear to lose her wisdom and comfort (and her midnight visits bearing gifts of buttered peanut butter toast.  Yes, double buttered. I’m forever hooked.)

quiet, cuddly, and honest newborn sessions

I’m here to tell you I absolutely love being part of this huge milestone in your life. Being there to document this monumental event – the birth of a family – is such an honor! And I love to tell your story in an un-forced, quiet, and creative way that reflects all of you at this moment.  

I have worked with many, many new moms and can help answer any questions you have as you’re working to figure out the right photography choice for you.

Kim convinced me why it was so important to get in the frame, and managed to make me feel and look beautiful.

You've picked a photographer out, now what?

Get my tips on when to schedule your newborn session

Have you heard everything under the sun about when the best time is to have newborn photos taken? There are a lot of different opinions! I have a simple and easy explanation for when the best time is. Click here to learn more.