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Newborn Photography Seattle : Ava

In home newborn photography in Seattle is quickly becoming my favorite type of session.  I think it puts new parents at ease knowing they can relax in their home with all their baby accoutrements nearby.  And I just love design.  I love looking at a home’s architecture and space, and how families use color, furnishings, and wall décor to make it their own.  Their furnishings and walls tell a story.  Their books often become new conversation starters, and their photos let me into their past.  The light, the walls, and the furnishings push me creatively to make something new and personal, that I can only make in that space.

Corin and Johnny are good friends of ours through her older sister.  I’ve known her since she was eighteen!  How can that be?  Corin asked me to photograph their wedding day in Mexico a few years ago and I very reluctantly couldn’t do it.  I was so happy to be able to make it up to them by photographing this life-changing milestone of becoming a parent.  Little Ava was 10 days old here and was so chill like her parents.  They were open to all my creative ideas and we spent a few hours documenting and celebrating them.  I’m showing you too many here but I just couldn’t take any more out.

Pentax 645n + Portra 800, 400, and HP5+.


For filmies:  Pentax 645n + Portra 800 + Delta 3200; Canon 1v + Portra 400.


Kim Hildebrand