Motherhood Photoshoot Ideas – Candid yet Beautiful Motherhood Photos

Looking back on my most recent family and motherhood sessions, I thought it would be fun to highlight some of my go-to motherhood photoshoot ideas for candid yet beautiful motherhood photos! I definitely see a pattern of tried-and-true poses that I use year-after-year and get consistently good results. Read below for my favorites!

Motherhood photoshoot idea #1 – the Mom Hug.

This involves mom hugging her children and spouse or vice versa and can be captured a variety of ways. I think snuggles and closeness are a key visual element I look for in family bonding and intimacy, so that’s why I think the Mom Hug is universally a great motherhood pose. You can also change angles, get close-up or zoomed out, and capture a more serious, contemplative moment or a fun lighthearted moment.

Motherhood photoshoot idea #2 – the action shot.

Not only do action shots add personality and fun to your session, but they are also great ice-breakers! I love having mom’s raise their little ones in the air (and it works well inside or outside), as well as spin (especially if mama’s have a dress on). Also, always look for the candid moments after the action shots where you will often see laughing and moments of connection.

Motherhood photoshoot idea #3 – the nose and forehead nuzzle.

The nose or forehead nuzzle works with all moms (or dads) and works best with younger kids or babies. Again, it works well both inside and outside, and shows a sweet level of intimacy of the mother-child bond we want to capture in a Motherhood photo. You can shoot the nuzzle from far away, close-up, and with a variety of angles for a different look and feel.

Motherhood photoshoot idea #4 – cuddle on the bed.

My favorite motherhood photos often happen at the end of a session when I have mama and the kids or the whole family pile on the bed together in one big happy mess. This pose adds a whole new level of intimacy to what it looks and feels like to be a mom. I love to also shoot this looking straight on, but my favorite way is top-down. That means standing on the bed or a stool and shooting the big intimate jumble of faces and smiles below me.

I hope you’ve found these motherhood photoshoot ideas helpful! These have a more lifestyle or documentary vibe vs. fine art, and I think that’s why I love them. Please reach out if you have any questions!



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