Lumopro Ambassador Interview : Kim Hildebrand Photography

I’m going to talk about my journey here for a second and also give you a little lecture.  I just need to say the past two years have been a huge transition for me, professionally. I didn’t really know if I was going to make it. I thought about quitting on a number of occasions due to self-doubt, thinking my dream of shooting film inside in one of the darkest places in the US, Seattle, was such a stupid and unrealistic dream that it just wasn’t worth it.  I was spending hours upon hours of my time, bribing my kids, and doing free model sessions to try and figure out how to make flash work.  I was tired.  I was spending money on film and lab fees and seeing my bank account dwindle, and again asking myself, “Why am I doing this?”.  But then I had an epiphany.  At one of the said model sessions.  And it happened when I walked past their guest bathroom and saw it was plastered with cool 70s vintage wallpaper, and I knew I had to take a photo in there (weird, I know, but when inspiration strikes….).  This bathroom was smack dab in the middle of their house (read NO WINDOWS) and it was TINY.  I needed light but couldn’t fit a strobe.  But I had my flash.  And I did the work.  I figured it out, took a test shot with my digital camera and KNEW I was on to something.  I KNEW I found my solution, my solution to the problem of using film inside for any lifestyle session.  And I was so giddy about it!

That’s how Lighting for Lifestyle was born.  So for the year of constant work using bounced flash with my Lumopro, working to become known for using artificial light with film, and then being contacted by Lumopro to inquire about partnering up is just a huge pat on the back for me, and much more.  Being recognized for your work in any profession is so fulfilling, and is so needed.  It lifts you up and gives you motivation for weeks, months, maybe even years.  It reinforces what I’m doing and why I do it.  It tells me that I’m on the right track in my never-ending creative journey.  It also is a testament to DOING THE WORK.

If you have a problem, find a solution.  Use your skills and expertise, your eyes, your unique perspective to figure it out.  DO THE WORK.

Thanks so much, Lumopro, for noticing and believing in my work.  It means the world to me.

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Lumopro Ambassador Interview Kim Hildebrand

Interview with Lifestyle Photographer Kim Hildebrand

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