Lighting for Lifestyle Online Class

lighting for lifestyle online class

If you are ready to take back control of any lighting situation and have an old flash lying around, then this online guide is for you!

The comprehensive includes a 50+ page PDF talking about all flashy things, including:

  1. Why and when to use bounced flash
  2. The equipment list you need to get started (with links and cost breakdown)
  3. The types of artificial light and which would work best for you
  4. Learn where to place your light source for different in-home challenges and different end results
  5. How to meter for ambient and flash exposure and how to balance the two based on the end results you want
  6. Many pullback examples and diagrams throughout

Andrea Linn says:

“Your class was amazing!! Perfect balance of instruction vs hands on. I knew a lot of the lighting “how to do’s ” but didn’t even realize I could use my pocket wizards with my canon flash (had to buy a $30 part…that’s it.) I also have the lights but would have positioned them all wrong so I am so glad I switched up my schedule last minute and took your class! I actually have a lifestyle session on Saturday and their house has tons of light but it will be good to know I am good to go even if it is overcast. Many thanks and well done!”

April Blair says:

“Thanks so much Kim! I got a lot out of your class! It was awesome to see that using artificial light doesn’t have to be this monstrous task. I sometimes bring my big lights and it’s such a pain. It was great seeing some other options.Thanks for sharing your gift!!”

Additional Resources include:

  1. Access to 8 demo videos, including how to meter to add light, side-light, backlight, fill-light; how to connect your flash and where to place it; freezing movement; metering and scanning for added contrast and drama.
  2. Access to 4 downloadable bonus videos, including using  TTL mode both on and off-camera
  3. Access to my private FB Lighting for Lifestyle Alumni Group where we continue to delve into all things lighting for lifestyle work

Stephanie Bryan, who attended my Click Away class about bounced flash says:

“Y’all.  This is a GAME CHANGER.  This was my very favorite class at CA!  And I keep trying to convince Kim to trademark this because it’s amazing!!!!  If you missed Click Away, keep your fingers crossed Kim offers this as a class.  It’s just SO amazing.”

Laura Yost says:

“I thought this was the best class at Click Away.  I went to every other session saying how great this class was, and how much my mind was blown!  I immediately came home, and looked for the feet that came with my Speedlite!  Trying out all these techniques tomorrow in a very small NYC apartment. The fight against finding a well-lit room in a client’s apartment is over!”

If you think this all sounds amazing, but are looking for a little more guidance, I offer 1:1 mentoring as well!  Feel free to check out my Lighting for Lifestyle Mentoring page here.

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