Laurelhurst Family Photographer : Crile Family

As a Laurelhurst family photographer, I meet a lot of families to take photos near their neighborhood in beautiful Lake Union Natural Area next to the UW Center for Urban Horticulture.  It’s a beautiful open space with dirt paths, fields, and groves of trees right next to Lake Washington and the U of W campus.  I love this place.  It’s a little slice of country in the heart of the city and provides a beautiful backdrop for a family photo session!

I met this family of four on a weekend morning and instantly fell in love with their little girls.  Oh my goodness, these twin girls were adorable.  The sparkle in their eyes, the cowboy boots, and the glasses were too much to handle.  Those glasses!  They matched her outfit!  Seeing her for the first time brought back memories of my childhood, and my having to get glasses for the first time in 2nd grade.  How I hated it.  I felt so self-conscious.  But this one, she absolutely rocks them.  Mom and Dad are doing a phenomenal job of raising two self-assured confident young girls.  You can see it even at this age, and I love that.

We ended up walking around on the trails holding hands, dancing, and cuddling in the long grasses for a different bit of family time.  The girls opened up right away and enjoyed having their photos taken.

I photographed them with my medium format Pentax 645n film camera, Portra 800 120 film and Ilford HP5 black and white film.

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Laurelhurst family photographer : seattle_family_walking_photos_twin_girlsLaurelhurst family photographer : twin_girls_cowboy_boots_-001Laurelhurst family photographer : twin_girls_cowgirl_boots_photos_film_webLaurelhurst family photographer : twin_girls_tickling_in_field-001Laurelhurst family photographer : family_photos_with_twin_girls_seattle_webLaurelhurst family photographer : twin_girls_cowboy_boots_photos_webLaurelhurst family photographer : twin_girls_cowboy_boots_dancing_out_of_focus-001Laurelhurst family photographer : family_photo_cuddling_in_field_seattle-001Laurelhurst family photographer : dad_tickling_daughter_field_seattleLaurelhurst family photographer : mom with daughtersLaurelhurst family photographer : twin_girl_with_glasses_laughingLaurelhurst family photographer : twin_girls_laughing_in_grass_seattleLaurelhurst family photographer : girl_hugging_mom_profile_film_seattleLaurelhurst family photographer : seattle_family_walking_photos_twin_girls_film-002Laurelhurst family photographer : twin_girls_cowboy_boots_holding_hands-001Laurelhurst family photographer : twins skipping down dirt pathLaurelhurst family photographer : black_and_white_twins_dandelions_webLaurelhurst family photographer : twin_girls_with_dad_photo_seattle-001


What a gorgeous session and beautiful family. Love the genuine emotion that you captured.

Thanks so much, Kelly!



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