Invest in Yourself this Mother’s Day : Lighting for Lifestyle Sale Ends Tonight

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First of all, if you are a mom, a grandma, or a soon to be mom, Happy Mother’s Day.  I fully realize how hard you work raising your kids while running your business.  You work hard, you give so much of yourself, you carry this huge responsibility of bearing and shaping little ones’ lives, and thus make the world a happier place.  That is no easy feat.  So make time for yourself today and pat yourself on the back.  Because you are amazing.

lighting for lifestyle sale ends tonight

PS – the Lighting for Lifestyle sale ends tonight.

If you’ve ever walked into a home and panicked because there was NO LIGHT and you didn’t know what you were going to do, then consider learning flash.  It has completely changed my life and how I approach a family lifestyle session (or even how I shoot my own kids at home).  By learning how to use bounced flash, you are investing in yourself.  You are giving yourself another tool to have handy should the need arise. You are giving yourself the confidence to be able to shoot in any situation.  You are giving yourself flexibility and consistency.


But let a recent Lighting for Lifestyle Alumni tell you in their own words what they thought of the course:

Courtney Monaco Malone says:

“YAY!! You made it so easy to understand. I’ve always thought of flash as flash, not mimicking natural light if that makes sense. It was always a separate entity in my mind, not something that could be married together. The explanations you gave me made me realize that all we are trying to do is recreate and/or enhance natural light. Since I feel confident in natural light, I feel like when I think about those principles in regards to flash it makes so much more sense!!!” 


So invest in yourself this Mother’s Day.  Enter code L4LLAUNCH to get it at the special introductory rate of $199, before it ends tonight!




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