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In-Home Photos with Flash : One Light Many Looks (Part 8)

It is not only possible, but actually so much easier to take in-home photos with flash! Why? Because you can create the type of light you want and you will be consistent. You won’t have to squish the family up next to a window, or reschedule if it’s too dark. In fact, in this example below I used mostly film but did shoot with digital a bit. Why would I use flash with digital? Well because I wanted a consistent look. I wanted a lower ISO. I didn’t want any weird color casting from the lighting and colors in different rooms.

In this session I used 1-2 flash units in various locations in each room we shot this family session in. And remember the cool thing is, because the flash units aren’t on my camera, I can move around and get a bunch of different compositions without having to adjust my settings! Win-Win!

If you’d like to learn more about how to use flash inside, feel free to poke around in my website. You can find past One Light Many Looks posts, and also check out my 12-page guide below!


Kim Hildebrand