How To Get The Most Out Of Your Maternity Photography Session

When it comes to planning your maternity photography session, it can seem overwhelming, at least initially. A lot of people have a certain idea of the kinds of photos when they think of maternity shoots, and I want to change that! Maternity sessions don’t need to be stuffy and over posed. Instead, let’s breathe new life into these images that encapsulate a magical and transformative time in your life.

1. Include Other Family Members

You all know I am a photographer who believes the more the merrier! For maternity sessions especially, this is a time to bring in those most important to you. From parents and grandparents to kiddos and partners, anyone who is going to be a part of your journey as a mother should feel welcomed. We all know it takes a village to raise a child, so why not commemorate them in maternity photos? I love capturing precious interactions between loved ones, like a toddler hugging their mamas pregnant belly, or a partner simply admiring the beauty and strength of motherhood.

2. Pick An Outfit You Feel Confident In

I say this a lot, but with maternity sessions I think it’s the most important. We mamas know that pregnancy can take a big toll on how we feel about ourselves, from confidence to our overall perception of our appearance. When you’re styling for your maternity shoot, I advise you to wear your outfit beforehand! I don’t mean for a day out and about, but just around your house. See how it moves, how it wears, and how it might wrinkle or bunch in some spots. I want to ensure you feel your absolute best, so selecting an outfit to bring out your confidence is key! 

3. Have Fun

Fun is quite literally a pillar in my approach to photography, as you all know. Maternity sessions are a celebration! A celebration of you, your family, your loved ones, and your personal venture into motherhood. I don’t care if it’s your first baby or your sixth; you deserve to be pampered, feel true joy, and have FUN! Genuine interactions and playful moments are the photos that you’ll end up loving the most, trust me. Be yourselves and enjoy this precious time together, because these memories are going to be ones you look back on for years to come.

Let’s Get In Touch!

If you have any questions about making the most of your maternity photography session, please reach out! I’d love to chat and help you with anything you may need. Head over to my Instagram for announcements. Of course, should you need a Coeur d’Alene family photographer, I would be so happy to work with you and your children.


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