How to Choose a Newborn Photographer Near Me

Preparing for a new baby is such a lovely time (if you are managing to sleep and have avoided the constant nausea/swollen ankle/horrific heartburn side effects).  Full disclosure, I had 3 of the 4, and light snacking + a body pillow at night got me through!

But seriously, if you’re a planner and home decorator like me, I’m sure you have pored over Pinterest nursery ideas and you’ll have planned bringing baby home and even the outfit they’ll be wearing!

You’ll have invested sooo much time trying to navigate all the gear, registries, home preparedness, but you may have not even thought of whether or not you want professional photos taken of this huge milestone in your life.

Well. here’s the thing…most newborn photographers need to know your due date a good few months in advance. Therefore, you need to book quite a while before baby arrives!

So how on earth do you go about choosing a newborn photographer?

Choosing a Newborn Photographer Near Me

The first thing you really need to think about is what style of newborn photography you like. When it comes to newborns there are two main camps.

The first, and probably most common is posed.

The other is lifestyle.

Posed Newborn Photography

Posed newborn photography is where a photographer will skillfully guide your baby to cuddle down into a range of sleepy poses. They will photograph your baby on a selection of backdrops with a few different hats and outfits. They may place baby on a teeny bed, or in a bowl, or other props.

If this is what you love then that’s great, and if you are looking for posed newborn photography, google search Posed Newborn Photography Near Me.

There are many in the local area who provide this type of photography, just make sure that when you look into photographers who do posed sessions you choose someone who has plenty of experience and training. After all, your new little peanut who they will photograph is pretty special!

Lifestyle Newborn Photography

As the name suggests lifestyle photography is more about your lifestyle, your life story.

This involves a photographer coming to your home and photographing your baby in your own surroundings.

Your images will capture how you are with your baby as well as capturing your baby on their own in a semi-posed but relaxed way.  Read my post on 4 Reasons I don’t pose newborn babies for more info on this method.  

Still undecided?

Well, you can also think about how you would like your session to flow and where you would like it.

Going for a posed session will mean having to get yourselves organized to get to a studio for an agreed time. On arrival you will hand baby over and sit down while baby is photographed. Depending on how your new bundle of loveliness sleeps, a session will last anything from 45 minutes to a few hours.

If you opt for a lifestyle session then your photographer will arrive at your home at an agreed time and work around you, your baby and all other family members, even fur-babies. They can take photographs of the nursery and take images of your baby in their crib, or the recliner with you.  This is a much more laid-back and relaxed session that works around your family life, although it typically still takes an hour or two.

Newborn lifestyle photographers can capture your whole family and the connection you all have to one another and even the dog can be included.  After all…they’re part of the family too!

This style doesn’t mean that you won’t get any posed photographs but poses will be a little more natural and true to life.

So, have you decided which kind of session you’d like to go for? Look at the images – which style are you most drawn to? What could you imagine hanging on your wall or looking back at over the years to come?

Once you’ve decided, you may be wondering what’s next?  Reach out to your favorite photographer who matches your vision and style you love, and inquire about reserving a session.  Again, this is best done way ahead of time!

Wishing you all the best for the exciting journey that you are about to embark on. I hope everything goes smoothly and may you be blessed with a healthy, happy, sleepy baby!

Feel free to reach out to me with questions and check out more in-home newborn sessions here!





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