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Ilford HP5 Film Examples : Seattle Family Film Photographer

Why I Love Ilford HP5 film (with examples):

HP5 rated at 1600
(35mm HP5 rated at 1600, +2)

I thought I’d start highlighting all the amazing types of film that I use in both our professional and personal work and I wanted to start with one of my favorites – lovely Ilford Hp5 film which currently costs $4.39 per roll of 35mm or $4.69 per roll of 120, not bad!  This film is always in my camera bag because I can use it anywhere.

I love Hp5 because of its contrast, grain pattern, and versatility.  I found an informative article in the Adorama Learning Center comparing Hp5 to Tri-X, which is considered the gold standard among street and documentary photographers.  Hp5 is noted for its fine grain, high-edge detail, and excellent overall performance in a wide variety of lighting conditions.  You can rate Hp5 from 320 all the way up to 3200 and it will look amazing! Its contrast, while high, is less pronounced than that of Tri-X, which appeals to shooters that prefer a more even tonal scale.

Below are a few examples of Hp5 rated different ways:

HP5 film rated at 320
(120 HP5 film rated at 320)
HP5 film rated at 400
(120 HP5 film rated at 400)
HP5 film rated at 400
(35mm HP5 film rated at 400)
HP5 film rated at 400
(35mm HP5 film rated at 400)
HP5 film rated at 1600
(35mm HP5 film rated at 1600, +2)

I just love the consistent look I can get from this stock regardless of how I’ve rated it.  I’m amazed by how lovely the grain pattern is in 35mm format rated at 1600 and pushed two stops.  If this film isn’t versatile, then I don’t know what film is!  So if you’ve never tried Ilford HP5 Plus out, I suggest you go buy some right now and experiment!





Kim Hildebrand