Are you ready to take your in-home photography to the next level? It’s time to dive into the magic of flash! Start your journey by grabbing my freebie here!

Are you tired of......

  • Praying your images will “turn out”
  • Holding your breath because you’re shooting at 1/30
  • Shooting the whole session next to the best window light
  • Cranking up your ISO or pushing your film
  • Getting motion blur with fast kids
  • Rescheduling your shoot because it’s too dark

How one simple flash changed my business

Several years ago I felt stuck. I was paying for studio space that I only used when it was raining and I couldn't shoot outside. I loved that I could use my big 7' or 5' softbox with strobe and create beautiful light and images for my clients, but studio work didn't inspire me.

So I ditched the studio and started experimenting with shooting in-home lifestyle work with strobe and flash in families' homes. I LOVED the look and feel of it but lugging heavy equipment around was not going to work long-term.

I experimented some more had a lightbulb moment. I found another way to get gorgeous, consistent light with film (or digital) cheaply and easily - with FLASH!

My proven system is simple, quick, and only requires 3 extra pieces of equipment for under $300!

Now's your chance to join tons of other photographers in having your own lightbulb moment!

Flash is for you if......

You want …

  • the flexibility to be able to shoot indoors anytime, anywhere
  • to create consistent-looking images in any lifestyle situation
  • to take control and create the light you want to fit your brand
  • the confidence in knowing you can handle any bad lighting situation
  • to take your photography to the next level