Favorite Motherhood Mini-Session Photos

A few weeks ago I hosted a weekend of Motherhood mini-sessions at my Seattle studio.  It was soooo fun and fulfilling!  Everyone had a good time.  I had a couple firsts as well.

I had the privilege of photographing four generations of women, which is such a rare and wonderful opportunity.  I am fortunate that I still have one grandma alive, and this session made me want to hop on the next plane down to Boise to give her lots of love, but also get our four generations together for some more much-needed photos.

Another first was photographing one of the most cool mamas I know with her three kids, a black lab, and a lizard.  Yep, LIZARD.  What could possibly go wrong there?  Well, at one point mom fell off the stool – BACKWARDS – right onto her tailbone and the kids basically fell on top of her.  (Luckily she was okay!)  I kid you not.  Rupert their lab did not want to stay on the backdrop and proceeded to claw holes in said backdrop.  (That was fun photoshopping out, let me tell you!)  Oh, and Shaphiro, the lizard, at one point got away from Isabella, the oldest, and Rupert took off after it.  Scared me to death!  I thought we were going to have our first casualty in the studio.  Another first: I was so stressed from everything happening that I was sweating in places I didn’t even know could sweat!

It was also the first time mama’s and kid’s across the board agreed to let me turn on the fan.  Wind whipping through hair is such a fun, amazing feeling, and it took their comfort level and their energy level to a whole new place.  I loved watching everyone’s reactions while cuddling and letting the wind do numbers on their hair.  It gave true meaning to “let your hair down” which I tend to say so often in my prep guides. 🙂

And last, but the most important first, was offering a time and place to for moms to have a special moment with their kids, to celebrate all that moms do, and be able to give these moments as tangible memories.  Families and children need to have this.  They need to be able to reflect on how amazing and beautiful their moms are and see just how much their mamas love them.  And vice versa.

Here are my favorites.

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day <3!



Sooo good! The wind, the lizard, but most of all the smiles & love!

Thanks so much, Carrie!



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