Father’s Day Photoshoot Ideas Coeur d’Alene Family Photography

With this next holiday quickly coming up in June, I thought I’d share some updated Father’s Day photoshoot ideas! Mother’s Day gets all the love, but Father’s Day deserves to be celebrated, too! As a family photographer in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, I know there are so many options to get dad excited about a photo session with the kiddos.

1. Get Outside

This kind of goes for any lifestyle session, but it’s especially perfect for dads! No stuffy posing or strict direction, just some go-with-the-flow family time. Running around with the little ones, lifting them up into the air, or even putting them on their shoulders! All of those are some classic dad activities during photo sessions, and they’re always a bit more free reign in the great outdoors. Of course, we have some of the most incredible scenery around Coeur d’Alene, perfect for a timeless feel to the final images.

2. Get Playful

It’s a bit easier to run around in wide open spaces, but you can still get playful in your home! Doing some little games, dog-pile on dad, or reading books are all wonderful ways to keep the session moving along. A big plus? You get to look back and see how you truly lived and loved in your beautiful home space. At-home sessions can result in some of the most magical images, and you never even had to leave your house!

3. Make It About Them

Yes, that’s right– put the attention on them! Dad’s don’t always get the spotlight, particularly in photo sessions. I understand that not everyone wants to be the center of attention, but you can always spin it to make it seem like “Once we do these shots, you’re done!” That way, they can put all their energy into allotted time, and you’ll still get some of the best, tangible  memories you can cherish for life.

When it comes to dads and photography, it doesn’t have to be this big, uphill battle. Keep it simple, keep it playful, keep it relaxed! You and your family can make dad feel loved and appreciated this Father’s Day, and all the other days, too!

father and daughter hugging and walking in a field

father and daughter cuddling during an outdoor photoshoot

a father and his children playing for a photoshoot

a father holding his newborn and then being with all of his children

a father hanging out with his kids at home during a photoshoot

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