Family Photographer North Seattle : Hedin

I had never seen Carkeek Park and the sound as calm as it was the morning we photographed this session.  It was eerily calm.  Carkeek park is one of my favorite North Seattle beaches, partly due to the consistent winds here.  I usually come here expecting to get family photographs with lots of blowing hair and movement, but not this day.  It was so calm there was about 20 fly fisherman wading in the calm water, teasing the fish for an early morning bite.

It all worked out well because we had rescheduled this outdoor family photo session at least four times!  That’s bound to happen when you are a family photographer in North Seattle.  I also had my friend Bonnie Hussey out videotaping this session for an upcoming promo video (more details coming soon). :)

Ali, who is also a good friend, had the family dressed in beautiful bright colors, which were perfect for the overcast, calm day.  I think that extra pop of color did more than provide a chromatic feast for our eyes!

Adam and Ali’s three kids are awesome.  And they are so dang cute!  I mean, scroll down.  Look at them.

family photographer north seattle : family on rocky beach far awayfamily photographer north seattle : family of five holding hands standing in shallow water smilingfamily photographer north seattle : double exposure of family of five standing holding hands on beachfamily photographer north seattle : older boy smiling holding handsfamily photographer north seattle : mom cuddling with kids in pendleton blanketfamily photographer north seattle : three kids throwing rocks into waterfamily photographer north seattle : kids running towards camera on rocky beachfamily photographer north seattle : dad cuddling all three kidsfamily photographer north seattle : kids running towards camera out of focusfamily photographer north seattle : family holding hands swinging youngest child into airfamily photographer north seattle : family standing holding hands kids smiling at camerafamily photographer north seattle : mother kissing daughter on foreheadfamily photographer north seattle : family photographer north seattle : brothers wrapped in blanket laughing and smilingfamily photographer north seattle : family holding hands jumping off logfamily photographer north seattle : family huggingfamily photographer north seattle : holding handsfamily photographer north seattle : family hanging outfamily photographer north seattle : oldest brother holding little crabfamily photographer north seattle : family holding hands looking out at oceanfamily photographer north seattle : black and white photo of boy standing on big log at the beachfamily photographer north seattle : family sitting and laughing all cuddled togetherfamily photographer north seattle : double exposure of family standing holding hands on log

For filmies:  Pentax 645n + Portra 800.  Dev/Scan Richard Photo Lab.


I love all of the pics, but the one that shows them facing forward and their backs too is so cool!

Thank you, Heather!! That double exposure is one of my favorites too! :)



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