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Film and Flash are a match made in heaven. Worried using a flash (or strobe) was going to look fake and “flashy”? Yes, me too. But I have worked really hard to find a way to shoot in-home family sessions on film, even in the dark of winter and in the tightest of spaces; and found the perfect solution. My favorite way of doing this is by using one of the oldest lighting tools in the book, a simple and inexpensive flash unit. With over 13 years of experience using strobe and flash, I've got you covered. I have a free resource for you here: Download Illuminate, my free 12-page before & after guide & flash flowchart!

Film is so incredibly gorgeous, I think we can all agree on that. It's also daunting as heck! Learning how to shoot film, or even transitioning your business from digital to film can be quite intimidating, but I've got your back! Having transitioned my newborn and photography business back to film over 10 years ago, I have a tried-and-true roadmap for you to navigate if that's your goal.

Just want to dabble in film? Grab my free resource: Intro to Film Cheat Sheet!

Family photography is the real deal. It is not easy, that's for sure, and takes lots of hard work and practice, practice, practice. That's why finding a mentor to help you along the way, to give it to you straight, to guide you and cheer you on, is so important. It can really take months and even years off of navigating it all on your own.

Just want some fun tips and tricks for taking control of your family sessions and having fun while you're at it? Check out my online course: The FUNtographer Experience!

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From getting started with film, taking control of your lighting woes (watch my lighting video below!), or creating natural looking connections in your photography, I have several ways I can help you. Join The FUNtographer Experience, get on the waitlist for my upcoming indoor metering mini-course, or sign up for 1:1 mentoring. Private Mentorships are a 1-hour video chat about anything you need help with, from portfolio reviews, automations, posing, or leveling up your biz, I've got you!

“Thanks so much Kim! I got a lot out of your class! It was awesome to see that using artificial light doesn't have to be this monstrous task. I sometimes bring my big lights and it's such a pain. It was great seeing some other options. Thanks for sharing your gift!!"

free intro to film cheat sheet

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