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There’s an ongoing debate about whether or not photographers should sell their high-resolution digital files.  If a customer buys them, what are they going to do with them?  I’ve heard time and time again from past clients that these gorgeous images just sit on their computer.  Is that really why you chose to invest in a custom photo session?  So you could have images just sit, unseen on some hard drive that could crash at any time?  No!!!  But I get it.  When I hire another photographer to shoot my family, I want the digital files too.  To me, it feels like a security blanket, of sorts.  I have reassurance that at any time I CAN print these images, create gifts with these images, and show them off to friends and family on Facebook.  I get it.

As a photographer who has been around the block a few times, I do not want to sell you only digital images.  Because the above is what’s going to happen.  I feel, as your hired professional, that it is my duty to also provide you with some type of beautifully printed keepsake along with your files.  Something you and your kids can see, touch, smell, and reminisce over while cuddling before bed.  Don’t you want that too?

That is why I’ve modified my pricing structure.  Starting in 2015, when you book a session with me, your base price of $650 will include the session itself plus 4 x 6.5 proof prints of EVERY. SINGLE. IMAGE in your gallery.  If you would like more, then feel free to add the digital file option for $600.  If you don’t have time to make albums or it just drives you crazy, let me handle that, too.  Add an album for $500. Boom. Done. Ready to be enjoyed by chubby hands and big toothy grins, because don’t they deserve these tangible memories  as much as you?

Beautiful proof prints come with each session for $650 base price

proof prints-001

Want the high-resolution digital files?  No problem.  For $600, add the files on a custom USB drive, presented in an elegant wooden box with your proof prints and Print Release.

IMG_3072IMG_9476proof prints-001-2

Don’t overlook the gorgeous album I will create for you, perfect for enjoyment by many around your coffee table for $500.  And you didn’t even have to lift a finger.


Your package is complete with a print release, print and cropping guides and recommendations.


All presented to you in a simple, elegant way. :)


To read up on additional products I offer, please go to my pricing page.



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