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As a Coeur d’Alene senior photographer, I know how exciting it is to celebrate your child as they embark on this very exciting next chapter of their lives! Whether they’re going off to college or going to travel the world, all you want is to give yourself a time capsule of this moment, often seen as one of the last major hurdles of childhood. It’s hard to believe it, but your babies are growing up and taking a huge leap into young adulthood. Senior photos are a perfect way to cherish this moment and enjoy all the time you have before they fly the coop.

Recently, I shared another senior shoot that was done at the stunning Tubbs Hill. For this session, I was outdoors again with a truly amazing young man. We had such a great time all throughout the shoot, chatting about his bright future and laughing at funny moments. He showed off his very impressive water skiing skills, which was a photography first for me! What a memorable session, and an especially fun one at that.

 It’s always fun to encourage clients to bring out their model face! I find that it’s so important for these kids to feel supported, excited and, of course, comfortable during senior shoots. I want to be sure I capture beautiful moments of their inner child while balancing it with the incredible young adult they’ve become. 

As parents, we hope that our kids will stay young forever. We never want them to lose their spark, joy and enthusiasm for life! Individual sessions like this become such cherished keepsakes as your children inevitably grow up, and together you can look back and remember exactly who they were at this age. It’s an amazing thing, to celebrate your child, and I want to make sure you don’t miss a moment. After all, they’ll always be your little one. 

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