Coeur d’Alene Family Photography | Tubbs Hill Outdoor Session

Tubbs Hill is one of my favorite places to serve as the backdrop to Coeur d’Alene family photography. Honestly, it’s a beautiful setting for any session– check out last week’s blog post to see even more stunning scenery. Idaho is home to some of the most natural beauty in the country, and I have loved getting to photograph families among such incredible outdoor spaces. Plus, you can never go wrong with outdoor sessions in the summertime.

Tubbs Hill Summer Photos

Everything about this family-of-four was wonderful. The two little girls were so sweet, curious and excited to be taking photos with mom and dad. I have found that family photos can become not only a keepsake of this moment in time, but also something your little ones love to be a part of! It’s a new and fun family activity where they get to be themselves, play and be happy. Of course, my style of photography is meant to foster relaxed, genuine moments of love. I want your children to be who they are, as they are– let me capture the rest. 

Styling can really make or break any photoshoot, and this family got everything perfectly right! Coordination without matching is the key to balance for whatever setting you’re in for the session. Since we were outside, they opted for light green and neutral tones, which were delicate enough to blend in with the scenery without being too much. Mom’s dress was stunning, and I loved how the girls had dresses too, but each were their own. I cannot stress this enough: wear something that reflects your personality, and that you are comfortable in! You want to look and feel like yourself, not be constantly worried or fidgeting with your look.

Above all, family photoshoots should be a celebration. Collectively enjoying your beautiful loved ones, the lives you share, and this incredible space of love you’ve created. That kind of joy is palpable, and you can totally feel it in these images. Every session, no matter what, I strive to capture the essence of your family. You’ll look back on these moments and feel like you’re right back there again, and that is so magical. 

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I would be honored to work with you for your Coeur d’Alene family photography session. Have any comments or questions about me or my work? Please reach out! I’d love to chat and help you with anything you may need. Head over to my Instagram for announcements. 



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