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Click Away Instructor Amelia Island 2018

I’m so excited to get the opportunity to teach at Click Away Amelia Island, FL in 2018!  I will be teaching photographers about using artificial light in a family lifestyle session and how it can look like natural light!  I think a lot of people tend to shy away from using strobe, flash, or even video light because it may look flashy, or it may be too much work or too hard, but it’s really not.

As a film shooter, I have to use artificial light quite often in the winter months in Seattle to get correct exposures while getting the look I want.  I am so excited to teach about this and meet new friends!  If you’re thinking of going, let me twist your arm.  Just do it!  Think sun, sand, beaches, networking with other geeky photographers and a beautiful resort, and shooting your heart out without your hubs sighing waiting for you to finish up.  That’s what I’m talking about!!  Purchase your Click Away pass before they’re gone and come say hello!

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Kim Hildebrand