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Do you have a nice camera you’ve spent a lot of money on just collecting dust?  Have you tried figuring out how to use it before your next epic vacation only to run out of time or patience?  Do the photos ever turn out the way you wanted them to?  Did you know that your camera is actually quite stupid?

If you are fed up with all of the above, let me help you!

This beginner photography class is a 2-hour photo workshop in the greater Seattle area.  In class, you receive an hour of training in a small group setting about the basics of getting your camera off Program mode and into Manual mode, giving you, the one with the brains, the control.  You will learn about the basics of aperture, f-stop, ISO, and how they affect exposure.  You will also learn the basics of composition and what all those intimidating buttons mean on your camera (you actually don’t even need most of them).  You learn why your camera is stupid, especially in tricky backlit situations.

The second hour is all about having fun and putting your new photo knowledge to use.  We will do a photo walk and take pictures together.  I’ll check your camera settings and you can ask questions in real time as issues pop up.   We will take photos inside and outside in different types of light so you can identify and handle tougher lighting situations.

I will give you the foundation to take great photos, and the difference is instantaneous!  You will leave the class immediately seeing a difference in the quality of your photos.

IMG_7511What Ingrid said:

“As a beginner to photography, I found Kim’s course extremely insightful. I’ve had a camera for the past five years, but shot every photo using the automatic setting. I was never impressed with the quality of the photos from my trips despite investing in an expensive camera, and decided I needed some help. Kim arrived at my sister’s house where the session was hosted, with so much enthusiasm & energy. You could tell right off the bat she was passionate about photography. She was organized, and even came prepared with training documentation. She took my sister and I through the fundamentals prior to using our cameras, which I felt was super helpful, as to not overwhelm us. Then we went outside and spent time using what we had learned. It felt great to see the progress we made throughout the day in terms of the quality of our photos. I highly recommend Kim’s classes for any beginners to photography!”




This workshop is perfect for those that want to get a few friends together and learn how to use your camera in a fun and casual way.  I can meet you at your favorite location or you can come to my studio.  You get a free headshot (woot woot!) and I come packing a few favorite beverages and a tasty snack.  Are you a Pellegrino fan?  Or maybe you prefer to learn over a glass of wine with your girlfriends!

Cost is $250 per person.  Contact me to schedule your private workshop today! (minimum of 2 required to book)


Practicing indoors with back light and low light:


Learning how f-stop changes your depth-of-field:


Have fun


And get a free head shot!


If you are interested in scheduling a workshop for you and your friends, contact me!



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