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Beach Haven Resort Vacation, Orcas Island, WA

If you’ve never been to Beach Haven Resort on Orcas Island, you’re missing out.  This quaint, secluded resort is nestled on a gorgeous west-facing beach (read – gorgeous sunsets) that feels like it’s entirely yours for miles.  Beach Haven offers up several small log cabins (fitting one to two families) nestled between large cedar trees and shrubs for privacy, one large building (for several families), and several other small cabins (for couples only).  They also have a campfire-pit and well-equipped playground to keep the kids busy if they’re tired of all the fun in the sun.

We go here every year with several families and it’s one of my favorite vacations.  The weather has always been fantastic (rain-shadow, anyone), the resort speaks for itself which is why we have to reserve for the next year upon leaving.  Their reservation schedule looks like a tetras game with all the blocked out dates; and what can I say about our awesome group of friends, some who could be top chefs?  That’s also why we’ve come to call this location “Porcas Island” – ha!  But at least glorious morning runs and walks on the serpentine roads through beautiful Orcas staves off a bit of the weight gain. 😉




We walked to Orcas Island Pottery one day.  You have to go check it out.  It’s amazing!orcas_island_pottery_photos1weborcas_island_pottery_photos2weborcas_island_beach_haven_photos-026orcas_island_beach_haven_photos2weborcas_island_beach_haven_photos-028orcas_island_beach_haven_photos3web

For Filmies:  Pentax 645n, Canon EOS-3 for b/w; a mixture of HP5, Ektar, Fuji 400h, and Portra 800 film.


Kim Hildebrand