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NAPCP Merit of Recognition Award: Newborn Category

I woke up to an email this morning that made my day!  I’ve been attempting to put my work out there more, submitting to contests, magazines, and blogs.  It’s a scary thing to do.  Fear and doubt often rears its ugly head, telling me my images aren’t good enough, no one will like them, or everyone else is so much better than me.  But I’m doing it anyway, and even if I don’t win anything (which happens most of the time – ha!), I’m learning how to better critique my work by judging it more objectively.  I’m looking at the award winning work and learning more about what I love about it and what the judges loved about it.  My hope is to meld all these observations together with more sense of what I want in my images, how to make them stronger, and ultimately, become a better photographer.

Well, this morning, NAPCP (National Association of Professional Child Photographers) announced the winners of their January 2016 International Image Competition.  I’m always excited to click through the winning galleries, ogling the talent and creativity there, but this time I saw one of my own images!  This image, one of my favorite newborn images from last year received a Merit of Recognition. <3

If you’re scared to submit, just do it.  I recently was reminded at the Yan Fam Workshop, that doing things that are scary pushes you and helps you grow in whatever endeavor you are undertaking.  Fear is a good thing.  🙂

newborn photography merit award Kim Hildebrand Seattle Photographer

This image was shot with the Pentax 645n + Fuji 400h with a strobe.


Kim Hildebrand Award Winning Photographer



Kim Hildebrand