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Artificial light for Lifestyle Photography : One Light Many Looks (part 3)

Hey there! It’s time for another One Light Many Looks post! In this series, I’m showing you pullbacks of how I use one light source – either flash or strobe with an umbrella, to light an entire indoor family or newborn lifestyle session! It’s really pretty simple and cool once you get the hang of it. After all, light is light.

So here is an awesome example of how easily you can photograph a LARGE family of 8(!!!) with ONE strobe and a big softbox to evenly light your subjects while shooting from a variety of angles — without moving the light at all!

These images are front-lit, side-lit, and back-lit with the strobe and I was moving all over the place. (There was a sliding window 10+ feet away that provided a teeny bit of light, but not enough for film.)

one light many looks Kim Hildebrand : artificial lighting for lifestyle photography

Check out more examples of how I use artificial light in lifestyle photography (#lightingforlifestyle) for more ideas and if you’d like to learn, I am teaching a class on this at Click Away in February!

Contax 645
Fuji 400h rated at 400


Kim Hildebrand