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Artificial light for In-Home Lifestyle Photography : One Light Many Looks (part 1)

Hey there! Now that our days are getting shorter….and darker….I need to use artificial lighting for my lifestyle sessions. I just wanted to quickly show you that you can photograph a family of 5 with one strobe and a big softbox to evenly light your subjects while shooting from a variety of angles — without moving the light at all!

These images are front-lit, side-lit, and back-lit with the strobe and I was moving all over the place. (There was a sliding window 10+ feet away that provided a teeny bit of light, but not enough for film.)

Check out more examples of how I use artificial light in lifestyle photography (#lightingforlifestyle) for more ideas and if you’d like to learn, I am teaching a class on this at Click Away in February!

Contax 645
Fuji 400h rated at 400

artificial light for in-home lifestyle photography : one light many looks part 1

Kim Hildebrand