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Your experience is as enriching as the photographs themselves. You are not clients; you are collaborators in the art of your photo session. Each click of the shutter is a verse added to your ongoing family story. (Plus, I'm really fun!)


My fondest memories are the little moments that happen every day. Moments matter.

This is how I remember our old, small living room with the 70s recliner Mom would comfort me in with the homemade olive green and orange patterned curtains in the background.

From being held and comforted here, my sadness would slowly transform into little giggles then pure adoration and love for my Mom, followed by a big bear hug.

My greatest joy would be capturing these moments of connection for you.

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After the session.

During the session.

Before the session.

I will invite you to view your personal online gallery 2-3 weeks after our session, where you can view your slideshow and choose the best photo collection for your needs. Your gallery will be active for 2 months, where you can also purchase additional products from your Storefront.

We schedule a quick chat and talk about how I can help you with your photography needs. If we are a good fit and want to move forward, we then book the session and start planning. I help you with the whole planning process.

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