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A How-To Guide: Family Photo Poses With Teenagers

Family photo poses with teenagers: friend or foe? I, of course, side with the former, but I understand if you’ve ever felt a bit stuck in the middle. Once your kiddos hit their teenage years, it seems like the last thing they want is to stand next you in a forced, posed photo. I’ve worked with families and teens for years now, and have come up with a few insider tricks to get them comfortable with (and even excited by) family photos.

1. It’s Not a Stereotypical Shoot

Fun, lifestyle photography is meant to foster the existing, genuine connections between your family. There aren’t any stiff or rigid requirements– your kids get to be themselves, and I get to capture that magic. Be it an in-home session or outdoors on location, the goal is to have a relaxed environment! We want your teens to feel at-ease, so make sure they understand it’ll be a carefree session.

2. Attention Is On Them

With teenagers, they always have a lot going on in their lives. Taking the time to do a family photoshoot gives them a chance to breathe a little. It also lets them have the spotlight for a little while, if they want it. What I mean is, they get to have some professional photos taken! You can always play that up. Now, if they’re more shy, we can stray away from any headshots. Their comfort is the most important thing! 

3. Posing Isn’t Overly Staged

So when it comes down to the posing, the best thing to keep in mind is to keep it playful. Teenagers can seem so aloof, but they’re more nostalgic than you might think! After some light complaining, I promise they’ll be laughing right along with you (there may also be a few halfhearted eye rolls, too). Holding them like you used to, taking a good look at each other, letting a son hug his mom and vice versa: all of these are some relaxed poses. 

Let’s Get In Touch!

The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to family photo poses with teenagers? Have fun, and let the photographer do the rest! I want you to cherish this time with your kids, laugh and make core memories together.  Have any comments or questions about me or my work? Please reach out! I’d love to chat and help you with anything you may need. Head over to my Instagram for announcements.


Kim Hildebrand