5 Best Photo Poses for Families with Toddlers

Photographing wiggly, impulsive, maybe-not-quite-yet-walking toddlers can be a challenge, but there are a few go to family poses I use all the time that work like a charm! I’ve listed my 5 best photo poses for families with toddlers here with examples.

1. Chest-to-Chest Pose

This can be done by either partner and is a common and very natural way of holding your little one so you can still interact and see his or her reactions! Also, they can be wiggly but you can keep them still long enough to get good photos, or you can move into fun little games with them to prolong the pose a little bit.

Play around with this pose. When shot from different angles, or prompting Mom or Dad to do different things, like touch noses, great a whole different set of gorgeous and connected photos!

2. Head and Shoulders Pose

The second pose that works well with families of babies and toddlers is the Head and Shoulders pose. This pose works from emerging toddlers up to young school kids and is one of my all-time favorites because you can get such a variety of photos from this one pose! Pro-tip – always ask parents if the toddler is strong enough to be up on shoulders, and also whether they like it. There are some little ones that get really scared and you’ll see lots of tears if you don’t ask first. 🙂

3. Standing in the Middle Pose

I love this one because it gives parents a record of how tiny their little toddler was when he started standing and walking. Like the others, this is a great starting point to get a whole range of different images by changing your angle, zooming in, and even lifting your toddler up in the air. I use this pose typically in the middle of the session when he/she really is tired of being held and wants to stand, walk, pretend to walk, or explore a little.

4. Flying pose

Just as with head and shoulders pose, it’s best to ask the parents if baby likes to be tossed a little in the air. This is a great one that either Mom or Dad can do, and works well with zoomed out and zoomed in images. It’s a great “reset” pose if your toddler is starting to get tired of being held, or tired of the shoot in general. A favorite prompt from here is having Dad bring baby into a hug, or Mom holding baby up but tilting her head up to give him or her a kiss. Be sure to always take a photo “after” the pose, because there are always great candid moments.

5. Back-to-Chest Pose

I love this pose because you can catch parent’s smiling in the background while focusing solely on your toddler. Its a really pleasing angle for all, and if Mom or Dad throw a couple little hidden tickles in there, you can get some great reactions!

There you have it, my 5 Best Photo Poses for Families with Toddlers! I hope, whether you’re looking for photo ideas for your own session or selfies, or are a photographer looking to up your game with toddlers, you have found these 5 poses helpful! Shoot me a message at any time and let me know how it goes! For other helpful content go check out some free tutorials I have for you.





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