Many years ago at the beginning of my photography career, I spent hours patiently working with newborn babies in my studio soothing them to sleep then posing them by themselves on a bean bag contraption with blankets, a space heater close by and soothing sounds playing in the background. Sometimes it would take half an hour to get baby relaxed enough to get into these unnatural sleeping positions that were all the rage. Mom and Dad, watching in the background, were tired. I was hot and sweaty, and stressing that I needed to coax baby into several other poses before the session ended. Now I don’t pose newborn babies and I’ll give you four reasons why.

I believe connection is most important.

The first reason I don’t pose newborn babies is because I believe touch and connection are the most important way to highlight the miracle of bringing a newborn into your life. Sure, the posed images were cute, but they were disconnected from what I really wanted to highlight and celebrate for a newborn session – the birth of a FAMILY, the birth of the growing bond between mother and child, the pure innocence and complete dependence this new little life has on those loved ones around.

What I felt was most important and aligns with my values as a human being and photographer, centered around LOVE, CONNECTION, SAFETY and REALITY, not a perfect, lonesome pose.

Baby-Led or Natural Posing is Safe.

The second reason I don’t pose newborn babies is because of newborn safety. Speaking of safety, some popular newborn poses are actually composite images (two images put together), and can not safely be done in one image. I don’t ever want to put a fragile newborn baby in a position that is not safe, or put baby in a position that I am not comfortable or qualified to do. Believe me, there are many qualified newborn photographers who pose newborns with safety first in mind all the time, I am just uncomfortable with it. (So if you love the posed look, please inquire about how the photographer poses babies safely.)

Newborns are beautiful just as they are.

The third reason I don’t pose newborn babies is because newborn babies are beautiful, period. They are sweet and just perfect the way they are. Why add poses and props that I think distract us from the miracle of bringing a newborn baby into this world and celebrating that? I instead choose to let them rest in mom or dad’s arms the way they are comfortable, warm, and soothed. And if they’re not sleepy, look at me or grab mom’s hair or make a face when they brush up to dad’s beard. These moments matter and are the ones you will remember.

Natural Posing is Naturally You.

The last reason I don’t pose newborn babies is because I want to photograph you and your family the way you naturally hold and care for your new baby. My #1 goal is to capture and celebrate this huge milestone in your family’s life by documenting all of you, comfortable in your own home, soothing your new little one the way you always do in a relaxing and stress-free way. Not only are you tired and recovering from bringing a new baby into the world, you don’t need more added stress from the photographer! I will guide you to the best light and angle to make your images sing (hello, natural posing), while keeping the images true to YOU.

If you have questions about how a newborn session or Baby’s First Year collection with me works, please give me a holler!





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