17hats Email Templates for Family Photographers

Are you ready to take your family photography business to the next level? I can help you. Let me introduce you to my 17hats email templates for family photographers!

When I first started my photography business 16 years ago, I just had a nice camera and an intense passion to photograph my own kids and my friends babies and families. I had no idea really how to run a business but knew I could figure it out. I did figure it out, but had no idea how much time and effort it would take to get the right systems in place to propel my business forward while consistently saving me a lot of time on the back end! What is one way that I do this? With a CRM of course, and my favorite one is 17hats.

What is a CRM?

It means Client Relationship Management. CRMs help you keep all of your correspondence, important documents like quotes, invoices, & contracts, your workflows, online scheduling, calendars, tasks, and notes all in one place! It is my roadmap to keeping track of EVERYTHING with my client experiences on point, on time, and consistent, (oh, and AUTOMATED)!

Why is a CRM amazing?

Because it saves me a TON of TIME. And we all know that time is money when you are a solo-preneur, right?

So if you find yourself losing track of what you need to do next, missing important dates to send out prep-guides, session reminders, or contracts, or you’re crafting the same emails over and over again, or maybe you’re just lacking any kind of organized way to work with your clients or keep track of things, you, my friend, need a CRM. It will take a little work to get it set up, but it’s definitely worth it because it will be a game-changer for your photography or service-based business. 17hats also has fantastic customer service an onboarding to help you get up and running fast with their 17hats University.

17hats email templates for family photographers

What is 17hats email templates for family photographers?

Because I love 17hats and CRMs so much I decided to share what I’ve learned and built in my CRMs with you to help you get set up and save time faster than I did, so I’m offering 30 email templates in this bundle. They include all the key pieces of correspondence I use in my business and will be the building blocks for your client experience. The emails cover everything from your initial response after they first contact you to requesting a testimonial at the end of their time with you. The emails include auto-responders, questionnaires, sending quotes, invoices, and contracts, scheduling a planning call, sending over session prep and what to wear guides, session reminders, and more!

These fully-customizeable emails are the exact emails I use in my business but can be changed to fit your voice and brand. They have hyperlinks to automatically add your client’s names, the session dates, locations, and times, as well as your contact info (which also saves you time)! And last, these emails will be the building blocks for creating your client experience workflows to finally be able to automate some of that pesky back-end work that you do over and over again, all for only $47!

Why use 17hats emails for family photographers?

These emails will save you so much time. If you find that you’re writing the same emails over and over again, or you can’t keep track of that last email you sent a client, or you have totally forgot to send an email, or you don’t have an easy way to manage your client experience, then these email templates will help you immensely. Besides having everything in one place, having the ability to automate your client communication and workflow, you can style the emails to fit your branding. You can add hero images, your own signature, colors, fonts, and more to really make your correspondence professional while essentially becoming another marketing piece for you. 30 emails for only $47. It’s a no-brainer. Need I say more?

17hats email templates for family photoraphers

If you’re new to CRMs or 17hats you can do a trial with them, or if you know you want to use 17hats, you can sign up here to get 17hats at 50% off for an entire year. If you already know and love 17hats but need a solid and effective email strategy for your family photography business, grab my 30 email templates for only $47 here. Have questions about 17hats or my templates, please reach out and I’d be happy to answer them for you!

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