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There is nothing stronger or more beautiful than the bond a family shares


Why newborn and family photography?  I’ve seen my work change a lot over the years, but one thing has stayed the same.  I’ve always longed to show genuine connection in my images.  No fake smiles here.  Not one.  I want to give you something real.  I want to show you the parts where you’re having fun together and completely forget I am there.  The parts where you’ve let your guard down and you’re 100% focused on each other.  The parts where your hair is a little messed up and you’re smiling bigger than you normally would (because otherwise your eyes look too squinty and maybe show too many laugh lines).  The parts where you’re moving and flowing and breathing in each other.  And it’s taken me a long, long while to figure out why.  I knew part of it may have been about de-mystifying “the perfect happy family” because I know everyone is not always happy, and I know that no family, and no person, is perfect.  There is so much pressure to try to be perfect all the time.  But let me tell you a secret:  Beauty is not in perfection.  Beauty is in being vulnerable, imperfect, and allowing true connection.  These snippets of connection, caught forever in a photo, show how amazing & beautiful your families are, imperfections and all.

Kim was fantastic. She got right down on the floor, played and laughed with my kids, got everyone relaxed, and took fantastic photos. I’m so impressed with how she handled our 3 young, energetic boys. It was a VERY dark day, but her skill with film and bounced flash is amazing. The session was smooth, and the photos look perfect. You would never guess how dark it was that day. The experience and service were outstanding, and we LOVE the photos. She perfectly captured our crazy, wild, chaotic, beautiful life :).


Let me capture your family in all it’s imperfect, yet authentic and totally beautiful ways

Recent Family and Newborn Sessions

Oh my goodness!! I cannot believe these photos!! They are absolutely perfect. I really couldn’t have asked for anything more magical and perfect than these. Your work is always stunning and you have an incredible knack for capturing our family on film.


“It takes a lot of courage to let people hear our hearts speak, but life is way too precious to spend it pretending like we’re super cool and totally in control when we could be laughing, singing, and dancing.” – Brené Brown

seattle family and newborn photogapher: mom smiling at camera with her arm wrapped around her standing son

Hello there!  My name is Kim and I’m an award-winning newborn and family photographer and mentor based in Seattle. My passion for film photography started at an early age, spurred by my dad’s love for visual storytelling. I love to incorporate that element of storytelling in my work with newborns, kids, and families, ever since launching my business in 2007.  I love to use my client’s cozy and familiar homes to create images that tell your family story in an imperfect, yet raw and authentic way.  Most recently, I was invited to teach at the Click Away photography conference about using artificial light in lifestyle photography.  Last year, I was named as one of the “100 Photographers to watch in 2017” by Clickin Moms Blog.  I have had work featured in several publications and magazines including Lemonade & Lenses, Let the Kids, Clickin MomsClick Magazine, Mozi Magazine, NAPCPRangefinder, and Seattle Magazine. I’m also a regular contributor to various photography and travel blogs.  When I am not photographing families I can be found photographing flowers, double exposures, or our family adventures.  If you’d like to learn even more about what I’m up to, both personally and professionally, read more about me here!

Photo sessions are laid-back, spontaneous, and YOU

“Honestly, at first I was not excited to do our family pictures.  I don’t know of one dad who is.  But you made our family session fun and easy and now I can’t wait to see the photos. You do amazing work, Kim!”

Sam (a reluctant dad)

“We’ve done two family photo sessions with Kim and had a great time at both – not to mention getting fabulous photos. Our second session was with 12 extended family members, 4 of whom were 7 years or under, so handling that group is no small feat! Kim is a fun and engaging photographer, and captured the very best moments between us. She’s the best!”


We worked with Kim on a newborn photo session. Kim instantly put us at ease – like talking with an old friend. Kim took great care to keep our newborn warm and comfortable as she worked to get great shots of the baby alone or with us. We noticed that Kim did not rush, but took the time she wanted/needed to get the desired shots. The photos from this session are fantastic. We highly recommend checking out Kim’s portfolio and meeting with her to capture this special time after the birth of a baby.


“We’ve been having family photo sessions with Kim for six years in a row. We love our photos and canvases every year. We have them grouped as a wall gallery going up our stairway and a gallery set for each of our children in their bedrooms. The wall galleries are a fun and beautiful way to document and enjoy our lives as a family. Thanks Kim!”


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