You like to think of yourself as a fun, hip mom who thrives on living in the moment and have approached life as one big adventure, but you are a bit of an old soul.

You believe that newer isn’t necessarily better and you value quality over quantity.  While you love rely on all this new technology, a part of you can’t help but think back fondly to the good ol’ days without electronic babysitters, when a road trip consisted of travel bingo, singing songs and taking in all the roadside attractions.

You handle parenting with a laid-back attitude, playfulness, and a touch of old-school style.  Sure, raising kids isn’t all rainbows and roses.  You don’t have your head in the clouds.  And honestly, that would be boring.  You’re well aware that life (and parenting) has many ups and downs, and you can ride the wave of all the emotions that go along with it, shake it off, and move on.

You know life has enough serious moments.  That’s why other parents may balk at your willingness to make fart noises with your armpit in public, but you believe that being goofy and able to laugh at yourself is important for your kids to see.

Your kids LOVE this silly side of you.  Your heart melts hearing your kid’s belly laughs.  You can’t stop grinning when you see your daughter’s tears of joy while your husband tickles her till she can’t breathe.  And then your body shivers with a wave of goosebumps when you catch your son’s gleeful little face stealing a glance at you with a mix of hilarity, wonderment and adoration.  You try fiercely to protect these memories because you know the clock is ticking.  Wonderment and adoration will soon be replaced with flushed cheeks and a quick, “Mom, stop!  You’re embarrassing me!”

And you know what?  I’m in the same boat as you.  I am you.  Except I have a camera.

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