There is nothing stronger or more beautiful than the bond a family shares.


Because I see it in the way your son’s face lights up with a tickle and how your daughter squeals from a toss in the air.  I see how you react and enjoy these moments in the present, and how your kids will remember them. You handle parenting with a laid-back attitude, playfulness, and a touch of old-school style.  You know life has enough serious moments.  That’s why other parents may balk at your willingness to make fart noises with your armpit in public, but you believe that being goofy and able to laugh at yourself is important for your kids to see. Your kids LOVE this silly side of you.























My photography celebrates the uniqueness and beauty of your family in a playful, natural way.

Kim is an award winning film photographer based in Seattle. Her passion for photography started at an early age, spurred by her dad’s love for visual storytelling. She incorporates that element of storytelling in her own work with newborns, kids, and families, and has been doing so since launching her business in 2007.  She loves to use the beautiful outdoor spaces of the Pacific Northwest or her client’s cozy and familiar homes to create images that celebrate family relationships.  Kim has been featured in several publications and popular blogs, including Lemonade & Lenses, Let the Kids, Clickin Moms, Click MagazineMozi Magazine, and most recently, Rangefinder.  She is a regular contributor for Little Bellows, a popular film photography blog.  If you’d like to learn even more about what she’s up to, both personally and professionally, read more here.

Watch me in action

“Honestly, at first I was not excited to do the pictures, but you made it fun and easy and now I can’t wait to see them. You are amazing!”

Sam (a reluctant dad)

“We’ve done two sessions with Kim and had a great time at both – not to mention fabulous photos. Our second session was with 12 extended family members, 4 of whom were 7 years or under, so handling that group is no small feat! Kim is fun, engaging, and captured the very best moments between us. She’s the best!”


“Thank you Kim Hildebrand for a fantastic family photo session! You made the session fun and easy. There was a lot of laughter and beautiful results. We couldn’t be happier with the photos!”


“We’ve been having family portraits with Kim for six years in a row. We love our photos and canvases every year. We have them going up our stairway walls and a set for each of our children. They are a fun and beautiful way to document our lives as a family. Thanks Kim!”


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