Hi! My name is Kim. I’m a child and family photographer based in Seattle. I’m a mom of two, have naturally curly hair like Shirley Temple, and I’m a goofball! I have an intense desire to photograph real life moments- beautiful, genuine, candid moments in your lives. Life is fleeting, and the small moments and connections you nurture with your kids are what you and your kids remember as they grow up.  All too fast.

Life is not perfect.  It is messy, hurtful, joyful and real.  It’s extraordinary and it’s yours.  Who’s favorite photograph is the one where everyone is standing, forcing a smile, and looking straight at the camera?  Maybe grandma’s, but probably not yours or your kids.  I’ll bet you both love the ones showing the fun, the love, the emotions and the connection you shared at that moment in time.  It’s not about having every hair in place, losing 10 extra pounds or forcing your kids to act like angels for a ‘nice’ photo.  It’s about the spontaneous moments and feelings that emerge when you and your family are being playful together.  Let your family come out to play.  Your messy, imperfect, beautiful, unique family.

You will find my most recent work here (and on Facebook), catch a glimpse into my crazy soccer-mom life, and learn a few interesting tidbits about photography. You can read more about me, learn what other customers have said about my work here and on Yelp, and check out my info and pricing pages.

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